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Attendance Policy

Clark County School District

Regulation 5113



Attendance enforcement is a shared responsibility between the Clark County School District and the student's parent or legal guardian. The parent, legal guardian, or other person in the state of Nevada having control or charge of any student is re­quired to send the student to school during all times that the public school is in ses­sion (NRS 392.040). The Clark County School District requires that students en­rolled for school in the Clark County School District attend school regularly in ac­cordance with the Nevada Revised Statutes. Regular attendance is critical to the stu­dent mastering the standards for each course of study.


The limitation of absences is ten (10) per semester. A student will receive a semes­ter grade of "F" in any course where he/she exceeds ten (10) absences in a semester. Parents may arrange an absence in advance of the absence in writing up to ten days per year. Arranged absences and approved absences for which make up work has been completed may not count toward the limitation of absences.


After an absence, a secondary student is required to initiate contact with the teacher (s) to obtain makeup work within three (3) days immediately following the absence. Students shall be allowed a minimum of three (3) days to complete makeup work.


According to Nevada State Law, when your child is absent a note must be received within three (3) days of your child returning to school. If a note is not received within three (3) days, the absence will be unapproved. An unapproved absence is considered a truancy. Upon the third truancy, a student may be cited to court (NRS 392.130).


Nevada Revised Statues does not distinguish between truancy resulting from an ac­tion of the student (i.e., cutting class, failing to bring an absence note) and that of a parent or legal guardian.


If you have any question regarding the District's attendance regulation, please contact Rogich Middle school at the numbers listed below.



Discipline Office – 702-799-6040 Ext. 4500

Attendance Office – 702-799-6040 Ext. 4035


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